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Aberdeen Capitol (unplayable) Compton 3/8 OL 1933
Blackpool Opera House Wurlitzer 3/13 OL 1939
Bowness Royalty (opened 2012) Wurlitzer 2/7 Rex, Stratford
Clevedon Curzon (opened 2012) Christie 3/10 Regent, Poole
Cradley Heath Majestic (closed) Christie 3/10 OL 1933
Crosby Plaza Compton 3/6 Haymarket, Norwich
Grays State (closed) Compton 3/7m OL 1938
Hammersmith Apollo (Odeon) Compton 4/15 OL 1932
Harrow Gold's Gym (Granada) Wurlitzer 3/8 OL 1937 (unuseable)
Kilburn Mecca Bingo (State) Wurlitzer 4/16 OL 1937
Leicester Square Odeon Compton 5/17m OL 1937
Loughborough Stanford Hall Theatre Wurlitzer 2/5 Madeleine, Paris
Margate Dreamland (closed) Compton Noterman 4/19 OL 1935
Penistone (?) Paramount Cinema Compton 4/9 Odeon, Birmingham
Scarborough Hollywood Plaza Wurlitzer 3/12 Ritz, Ipswich
Stepney, London Troxy Wurlitzer 4/24 Trocadero, Elepahant & Castle
Stockport Plaza Compton 3/11 OL 1932
Tooting Gala Bingo (Granada) Wurlitzer 4/14 OL 1931
Walthamstow EMD (Granada) (closed) Christie 3/12 OL 1930
Weston Super Mare Odeon Compton 3/6 OL 1935
Woodhall Spa Kinema in the Woods Compton 3/9 Super, Charing X Road

Original list by the Theatre Organ Club (Revised August 2004). Updated in January 2014 and cross checked with list by the Cinema Organ Society.
A question mark (?) indicates an uncertainty where cross checking failed.

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