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Theatre Organ Club

Albourne (Brighton) Singing Hills Golf Club Compton/Wurlitzer/Others 3/33 Plaza, Sutton plus
Albourne (Brighton) Singing Hills Golf Club Wurlitzer 2/5 Regal, Colchester
Ashbourne (Derby) Pipes in the Peaks Compton 3/18 Regal, Derby plus
Aylsham, Norfolk Christe 3/6 Regent, Horley
Battersea St. Thomas's School Wurlitzer 3/9 Ritz, Hastings
Beccles Compton 3/14 Forum, Southampton
Belper (Derby) Compton Villa Compton 3/10m Plaza, Crosby
Bolton (?) Compton 3/7 Rialto, Blackburn
Bolton Compton 3/9 Gaumont, Coventry
Brechin (?) Wurlitzer 2/8 Grange, Kilburn
Bristol (?) Wurlitzer 2/6 Gowanda, Tonawanda
Buckinghamshire Compton 2/8 Odeon, Watford
Cannock The Grange Compton 3/7 Picture House, Douglas
Cardiff Compton 3/13 Dominion, Tottenham Court Rd
Cardiff (?) Compton 2/6 Ritz, Potters Bar
Castle Donington (?) Compton 3/25 Gaumont, Derby
Castle Donington (?) Compton 3/16 Empire, Coventry
Cheltenham Wurlitzer 3/9 Regal, Beckenham
Chorleywood Wurlitzer 4/25 Empire, Leicester Square /
Imperial, Canning Town
Coventry Warwick Road URC Wurlitzer 2/5 Savoy, Coventry
Derbyshire Christie 3/5 Commodore, Orpington
Diss Wurlitzer 2/5 Decca Studios, London
Diss Compton 3/8 Beaufort, Washwood Heath
Diss Conacher 4/13 Ritz, Southend
Edinburgh Wurlitzer 3/5 Ritz, Workington
Essex Compton 3/8 Gaumont, Plymouth
Fazeley, Staffs (?) Compton 2/6 Apollo, Erdington
Folkstone Standaart /Compton 3/7 Savoy Folkstone /
Rex, Cambridge
Halesowen Compton 3/5 State, Grantham
Haughley (Suffolk) Compton 3/9m Regal, Harrowgate
Hemel Hempstead Wurlitzer 2/8 Picture House, Leicester
Holbeach (Lincs) Compton 3/20 Various
Horning (Norfolk) Christie 2/7 Savoy, Burnt Oak
Hove (?) Compton 3/10 Plaza, Sutton
Kings Ripton, Cambs Wyton House Compton 4/16 Astoria, Southend
Lancashire Compton 3/6 Davenport, Stockport
Lancashire (?) Compton 3/8 Coliseum, Burslem
Leicestershire Wurlitzer 3/8 Granada, Greenwich
London HM Prison, Wormwood Scrubs Compton 3/9 Forum, Ealing
London Compton 2/5 Lido, West Ealing
Lymm, Cheshire (?) Wurlitzer 3/8 Granada, North Cheam
Manchester Compton 3/8 Ambassador, Cosham
Manchester Compton 3/8 Majestic, Darlington
Market Drayton Wurlitzer 2/9 Regent, Sheffield
Market Rasen Wurlitzer 3/8 Granada, Slough
Markfield Compton 3/10 Ritz, Leeds
Neath Christie 3/6 Pavilion, Hoddesdon
Newark "Regal" Compton 3/7 Savoy, Lincoln
Newtonards, N.I. Compton 3/8 Ambassador, Hounslow
Norfolk Compton 3/6 Astoria, Woking
Northampton Wurlitzer 3/19 Paramount, Newcastle
Oxnead Compton 3/7 Carlton, Norwich
Penzance Wurlitzer 3/10 Granada, Kingston
Peterborough Christie 3/8 Plaza, Rugby
Peterbotough Wurlitzer 3/8 Granada, Wandsworth Road
Ryde, IOW (?) Compton 3/6? Westover, Bournemouth
Salford Compton 2/6 Capitol, St Albans
Sapcote, Leicester Compton Lodge Compton 4/12 Odeon, Wealdstone /
Ritz, Belfast
Scarborough Flower of May Holiday Park Wurlitzer 3/8 Granada, Mansfield
Scarborough Flower of May Holiday Park Wurlitzer 3/11 Granada, Greenford
Shropshire Wurlitzer 3/9 Regent, Sheffield
Solihull School Compton 3/6 Curzon, Liverpool
Southend (?) Compton 3/6 Kingsway, Hadleigh
South Wales Christie 3/6Compton 3/6 Embassy, Braintree
Spalding Burtey Fen Collection Wurlitzer 2/8 Gaumont Exeter /
Regent, Ipswich
Spalding Burtey Fen Collection Compton 3/10 Ritz, Tunbridge Wells
Spalding Burtey Fen Collection Wurlitzer 2/8 Gaumont, Exeter /
Regent, Ipswich
Spalding Wurlitzer 3/12 Plaza, Maidenhead
Spalding Wurlitzer 3/8 Ritz, Aldershot
Spalding Wurlitzer 3/9 Savoy, Enfield
Spalding (?) Compton 3/7 Majestic, Gravesend
Stockton-on-Tees Compton 3/8 Palladium, Southport
Stoke-on-Trent (?) Compton 3/5 Royal, Halifax
Stone (?) Wurlitzer 2/6 Carlton, Maida Vale
Tamar, Cornwall Dingle's Museum Compton 3/7 State, Dartford
Tarleton (Lancs) Compton 3/6 Regal, Douglas
Wales Compton 2/4 Ritz, Hereford
Watford The Colosseum Compton 3/16 Watford Town Hall
West Lothian (?) Christie 3/9 Kinema, West Ham
Weston-Super-Mare Compton 3/7 Astoria, Cliftonville
West Wickham Wulitzer 3/12 Ritz, Barnsley
Woking Rutt 2/6 Super, Oxford
Worcester Wurlitzer 3/13 Leows/Metro, Durban S.A.
Uckfield, East Sussex Mixture of parts Mainly from USA

Original list by the Theatre Organ Club (Revised August 2004). Updated in January 2014 and cross checked with list by the Cinema Organ Society.
A question mark (?) indicates an uncertainty where cross checking failed.

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