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Present Location Make / Size From Via
Alsager Conacher 3/9 Rotherham, Regal
Blackheath, London Compton 3/8 ABC, Plymouth
Buckinghamshire Compton 3/10 Gaumont, Rose Hill
Cardiff Compton 3/5 Art, Bury Halebarns, Cheshire
Glamorgan Compton 3/12 Canterbury, Regal Rochester
Glasgow Compton 4/10 Glasgow, Paramount Porthcawl
Great Yarmouth Compton 3/8 Morden, Odeon Fleggburgh
Greenlaw Christie 3/8 (chests) Eastleigh, Regal Thornley
Greenlaw Marshall Sykes 3/18 Cecil, Hull
Isle of Man Wurlitzer 3/10 Leicester, City Douglas
London area Christie 4/36 Marble Arch, Regal St. Austell
Newfoundland Wurlitzer 2/9 Bournemouth, Regent Liskeard
Northampton Wurlitzer 3/19 Paramount, Newcastle Turner's Merry Go Round
Oldham Christie 3/7 Pyramid, Sale Blue Coat School
Paignton Compton 3/11 Leicester Square, Warner Canterbury
Painton Compton 3/10 Cannon, Northampton Melksham
Peterborough Compton 3/6 Eastbourne, Luxor Spalding
Peterborough Compton 3/8 Lincoln, Ritz Spalding
Peterborough Wurlitzer 3/19 (?) Wandsworth, Granada Northolt
Scotland Wurlitzer 3/20 Ritz, Luton Wyton House, Kings Ripton
Sheffield Compton 3/14 Astoria, Purley City School
South Africa Wurlitzer 3/5 Maldon, Embassy
South Wales Robert Morton 4/14 Manchester, Gaumont Granada TV Tour
Spalding Wurlitzer 2/9 Hanley, Regent Penzance
Stamford Compton 3/7 Smethwick, Rink
Stirling Christie 3/9 Stratford, Empire
Stoke-on Trent Christie 2/6 Paignton, Palladium
Sutton-in-Ashfield Compton 3/6 York, Rialto
Tywyn Compton 3/6 Cambridge, Regal Caldicot
Uxbridge Compton 2/6 (disconnected) Regal, Uxbridge OL 1931
Worcester Wurlitzer 3/5 Preston, New Victoria
Unknown Compton 4/10 Gaumont Birmingham Abingdon
Unknown Compton 3/8 Tonic, Bangor Bangor Academy
Unknown Christie 4/14 Regal Edmonton Memorial Theatre
Unknown Compton 3/11 Finchley, Gaumont Great Munden
Unknown Christie 3/6 Waltham Cross, Embassy Abbess Roding

Original list by the Theatre Organ Club (Revised August 2004). Updated in January 2014 and cross checked with list by the Cinema Organ Society.
A question mark (?) indicates an uncertainty where cross checking failed.

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